M-Audio Studiophile BX5 Speakers - 1 Broken - 1 Working

Up for Auction are a pair of M-Audio BX5 Studio Monitors. These monitors are powered, so t is no need for a power amp. Both Speakers power up, but 1 is not producing the signal being plugged into it. t is a hum coming from the broken speaker. This is probably an easy fix, but I don't know much about speakers.
If you win this auction and only want me to ship the working monitor, I will do that as well, just communicate.
is a review I found online for these monitors.
Paul White Photos: Mark Ewing

The M Audio BX5 is two-way, compact active monitor built around a one-inch silk-domed tweeter and a 5.25-inch polypropylene-cone bass/mid-range driver. Each driver is fed from a 38W amplifier with a crossover frequency of 3kHz, while a number of rear-panel switches are provided in order to help tailor the response of the monitors to their location. Both drivers are magnetically shielded so that they can be used close to 'antique' CRT computer monitors without causing the colours to run.

Measuring a diminutive 9.85 x 6.54 x 7.88 inches, the cabinets are very solidly built, with rounded corners, and are finished in an attractive black plastic laminate. Both drivers are recessed into the baffle, and the silver mounting ring around the bass/mid-range driver houses a blue LED to show when the monitors are switched on.

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