TITLE : Caverna Magica

Stunning Copy Of A Legendary Recording

A Must Have For All Audiophile Music Lovers

Side One :

1. Caverna Magica (3:54)

2. Mandatory (3:03)

3. Lunar Pond (2:18)

4. Schajah Saretosh (3:17)

5. Sena Stanjena ? (2:28)

Side Two :

1. Belladonna (5:21)

2. Angoh ! (2:45)

3. Huiziopochtli (5:08)

4. Con Chiglia

5. Geastrum Coronatum

6. La Paix Verde (5:16)

MUSIC NOTE : ----------------

A Mesmerizing Album, To Be Sure, Full Of Wondrous Sounds Created Electronically By Harpist Vollenweider . As A STEREOPHILE Magazine Reviewer Stated About This Album :
" …………. For Me, From The Opening Soundscape As Two Aural Adventurers Enter The Cave To Find Dripping Water Setting Up The Opening Riff, To The Album's Conclusion As They Dive Into The Pool They Find T, I Am Impressed By The Sense Of Majesty To The Soundstage, The Music Driven Along By The Restrained, Fuzzed Purr Of The Bass Strings Of Vollenweider's Electric Harp And Accentuated By Almost Fetishist Sonic Seasonings . (The Height Of Sensuality, I Feel, Would Be To Listen To This Album While A Musically Aware Houri Brushed Your Naked Arm With A Fur Glove .) If The "Best" Music Depends
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