Audix DP-5a Drum Microphone Set, D2, D4, D6, i5

Hello and thank you for looking.
For sale today is the Audix DP-5a Drum Microphone kit. Mic up a 4 or 5 piece drum kit.
Microphones included in the set are:
-i5 Dynamic instrument mic (x1)
-D2 dynamic drum mic (x2)
-D4 hypercardioid mic (x1)
-D6 dynamic kick drum mic (x1)
The mics appear to be unused, they are in near mint condition. Also included are a handy carrying case and 4 goose neck mic clips that attach to the hoops of your toms.
If you are not completely satisfied with the microphones, you can send it back for a full refund on the final auction price.
Thank you very much for looking and good luck!