Audoliceras Ammonite Heteromorph Fossil FREE S&H 531

Russian Ammonite
Genus: Audoliceras sp.
Period: Lower Cretaceous (Aptian)
LOCALITY: Ulyanovsk region, Volga river, Russia

Item: 531
weight: 6.84lb
Approximate size: Piece: 11" X 6.75" X 2.5" Ammonite:8" X 5" 2.25" thick at middle
This wonderfully preserved ammonite comes to you from Russia with love.
The genuine Russian ammonites are approximately 120 million years old and lived in a shallow sea that once covered parts of Russia during the time of the dinosaurs. This heteromorph ammonite has been artfully prepared and made into a wonderful decorative piece. It has been mounted onto a base in such a way that gives you an incredible view of all sides of this ammonite. It has the beautiful natural iridecence of the shell . This would make a wonderful gift or addition to any collection, and would make an absolutly fabulous display piece for your home. A trully beautiful piece and a work of art.

My Russian friends collect and prepare these fossils in Russia and deliver them to me so that I can share them with you.The preparation is of the highest quality.

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