Audrey Hepburn Engraved

LOT 1171015 Seller's Estimate: USD 351.00 - 702.00 Audrey Hepburn Engraved

Gov. File: M-04139 Audrey Hepburn Engraved Asset Type: CollectibleThis item has a minimum processing fee of $24.95. Additional shipping may be calculated after the auction based on location.

Payment: The buyer is responsible for paying the seller directly after winning the item. Common payment methods include credit card, wire transfer and check, but the seller will confirm the final details.

Shipping: The buyer is responsible for paying shipping costs and arranging for shipping and delivery with the seller.

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GOVERNMENT AUCTION - HIGH END SALE! offered by Government Auction Saturday, November 08, 2014 | 06:45AM GMT-07:00 Santa Clarita, California, USA