Audubon Amsterdam Print - Plate 221 - Mallard Duck

Your are bidding on one Audubon Amsterdam full sheet, untrimmed, Mallard Duck print, number 221, in excellent condition. This is one of the most desirable prints in the set.
Audubon prints commonly referred to as Amsterdams by gallerieswere printed in 1971 – 1973 in New York and Amsterdam. The 250 sets,called the Amsterdam edition were produced using eight-color offset printing on museum-quality, 100% cotton-rag paper bearing a “G. Schut & Zonen – R – Audubon” watermark along the outside edge. The prints bear an initial “R” in the watermark. This “R” is actually a trademark made up of the letters J, R, O and T. (Johnson Reprint – Orbis Theatrum & Terrarum. While Amsterdam prints show some variability with regard to plate marks, they can be absolutely authenticated by their distinctive watermarks. These prints were printed on uncoated paper that resembles the original Whatman paper. These prints are high-quality, well made with good color and printing.
Originally priced at $6,960 for a complete Amsterdam set of 435 prints, the set could be purchased for approximately $50,000 in late 2002. The Amsterdam edition is the first complete, full-color, full-sized set of all 435 prints since the original Audubon Double Elephant folio of 1826-39.