#AUG-18 Natural Gold Nugget Australian 7.79 Grams Genuine

Authentic Australian Natural Gold Nugget weighs 7.79 grams.

By buying the nuggets grouped and not individual this allows you the customer to save 5% off the total price. We already took the 5% off the price that is shown. You cannot buy one of these and get are additional savings of 5% more. You would need to buy 3 total items in the same cart to get the discount on total price. But you can buy three items grouped a total of 9 nuggets and get 5% off your total price saving you tons.

Australian nugget are very high in purity running from 94-98% pure. * All Nuggets are Pictured or Partially Pictured with a U.S Quarter which is 24.5MM in diameter to give you an idea of Size Proportion.

My name is Grant and my family owns a company called OROCAL which has been buying and selling thousands of ounces of Genuine Gold Nuggets each year since the 1960's.

In November of 2013 I opened up my Gold Nugget eBay store. With thousands of satisfied customers I will continue to strive to provide the highest quality, largest selection and best priced gold nuggets on eBay. Through using my connections from Orocal I can gain access to Nuggets in regions such as Alaska, Canada , and Australia directly from the miners ranging in sizes from small fines to 40 ounce nuggets. If your looking for a specific size I am sure to have it
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