August 9, 1974 Newspaper-Nixon Resigns-Ford President

August 9, 1974 Wichita Newspaper--Ford Becomes 38th President, Nixon Resigns
Cleaning out some old attic items--
Newspaper--The Wichita Beacon, Friday, August 9, 1974 with the headline:
"Ford Becomes 38th President, Says Long Nightmare is Over"
Other articles on the front page are "Survey Finds Wichitans Support Nixon Decision", "Haid, Kissinger had roles in resignation, -6A" "Nixon's Gone! Why Do I Cry?", "'Immunity' lies heavy on Congress-6A", "The Next step, pick a vice-president", "Must Nixon sell San Clemente home?" "Ford, his family and his career", "Mistakes, Yes, Personal Gan, Never, Nixon Bids Staff Tearful Goodbye".
T are photos of Richard, Pat, and Tricia Nixon, Gerald Ford with his wife and Chief Justice Warren Burger on the front page. T are lots of interesting articles in this newspaper. They include:
Kissinger Promises to Stick With Ford (John) Connally Enters Plea: Innocent on all Counts (bribery) (Elmer Wayne) Henley Going to Huntsville for Start of 594-year Prison Term (mass murderer) Gerry Ford May Be Wise in Retaining H. Kissinger The Nightmare Fades With the Resignation Recap articles of the Watergate break-in Ford--"Nightmare Over" Nixon--A Tearful Farewell Kissinger, Haig Counseled Nixon--with a big photo of the Fords and Nixons Rockefeller Felt in Top Spot for Vice
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