Aunt Jemima Cookie Jar 1950's F & F Mold & Die Works

Up for sale is an Aunt Jemima Cookie Jar, complete with a recipe for New England Baked Beans! (This cookie jar came from an Estate sale, and the recipe card was inside of it).

Dating to the late 1940s/early1950s, this scarce and highly collectible cookie jar is constructed of hard red plastic and was manufactured by F & F (Fiedler and Fiedler) MOLDS & DIE WORKS, Dayton , OHIO . Jemima stands 11 1/2" tall and has a base width of 7". The factory logo is embossed on the bottom of the jar. These cookie jars were a mail-in premium for Quaker Oats back in the 1940's and 1950's. Aunt Jemima was acquired by Quaker Oats in the 1920's and is well known for the many black memorabilia premiums throughout the years. They were offered in two skin colors, black and dark brown, with the latter being newer production units. This jar is one of the black models.

The cookie jar is in excellent condition and has no cracks. The factory seam (down the middle of both sides) is evident, and the top part of the jar does come apart at this seam (by design, but could be glued to prevent this from happening). The paint condition is very good. T are a few tiny scratches and and areas w paint was rubbed off from normal use, and t is a tiny blotch of what might be green paint on her apron. Her apron has some staining, but no attempt was
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