Aunt Jemima Electric Wall Clock.

This was my mothers clock. She collected Black America items. There are a lot of boxes I have to go through. The clock does work. I had it running for 2 hours. It is an electric clock. I do not know where this clock was made. It is all metal except for the clear plastic front. The front metal looks like copper in color. There are scratches around the metal rim near the plastic front. The total clock is about 7" round. The dial front is 5". There are no cracks anywhere on the clock. The plastic front has some scuff marks on it. Looks like it was made sometime in the 1950's through the 1960's. This clock is at the least 50 years old. On the picture there is a copyright 1942 date and Aunt Jemima Time. Because the clock is very old I CAN NOT put a Guaranty how long it will work. There are no returns or refunds on this clock.