Aunt Jemima F&F Plastic Mold & Die Works 6 Spices+ 5 pc

Vintage Aunt Jemima and Uncle Moses by F.&F. Molding Company, Dayton, Ohio. This set includes 11 pieces:Aunt Jemima spices (6) that measure about 4 1/4" tall. Spices are ginger, nutmeg, cloves, paprika, allspice and cinnamon. Uncle Moses pepper (1) measures about 5 1/4" tall. Aunt Jemima and Uncle Moses salt and pepper measures about 3 1/4". Aunt Jemima and Uncle Moses cream and sugar w/lid measure's 2" tall. All figures are red, white and black with the exception of Uncle Moses pants and the cream and sugar bowls which are yellow. Considering the age of these pieces, (1940's-1950's), most of the pieces are in good condition and made of hard plastic. This is a lovely set for anyone's kitchen. I will try to describe the condition of the pieces as accurately as possible: The paint on the spices is in very good condition, a little of the paint has come off, but to be expected. T are 4 shaker inserts, 2 are missing. The nutmeg and cinnamon each have a small hairline crack on the apron. I have included a photo of the cracks. The Cinnamon is about 1/8" long and the nutmeg is 1/2". The clove spice container has a little darkening on the outside and inside the cloves somehow got stuck to the inside wall. It is not to noticable from the outside. These are minor flaws for a complete set of spices. The sugar bowl and creamer are in great ... read more