Aurora 9x18 LED art

Aurora 9x18 is a microcontroller controlled LED art. It has 162 full-color LEDs in a circular configuration. The color of each circle changes smoothly to create fluid movements. The color patterns are mesmerizingly beautiful.
You can view the video of Aurora in motion at YouTube (
The item s in this auction include fully assembled Aurora 9x18 board, screws & standoffs (for mounting), and an AC adapter. The one in auction is the frosted LED version in the photo, not water clear shown in the second half of the video.
You can learn more about the technical aspect of Aurora 9x18 from my Instructable . (/id/Aurora-9x18-RGB-LED-art/)
This is my original art - from the circuit design to the microcontroller firmware, everything is completely original. You won't find anything like Aurora 9x18 anywhere else. Also note that this is the very first piece being sold to anyone, and I may or may not sell another one on eBay.