Aurora AFX Golden Gate Bridge Set with Cars

This auction is for a delightfully complete Aurora AFX Montgomery Ward Golden Gate Bridge Set with two lighted (Flamethrower) Magna-Traction AFX HO slot cars. These sets were only distributed by Montgomery Ward stores (as noted on the box packaging). The Golden Gate Bridge is constructed out of heavy cardboard puzzle-type stock and is magnificent -- 3 feet long -- when it's fully assembled (see pic). 's what is included with this set:
-- Two AFX Flamethrower cars, No. 1973 Porsche 917 and No. 1974 Ferrari 512M;
-- One Golden Gate Bridge;
-- 12 guard rails;
-- Two billboard guard rails and clips;
-- Beams, posts and trestle sections;
-- Two Aurora Russkit speed controllers;
-- Eight 15-inch AFX straight track sections;
-- 14 9-inch radius curved track sections;
-- Quikee-Lok tool;
-- A few track clips;
-- An unopened vial of AFX racing oil;
-- Wall transformer and power connection strip with terminal screws; and
-- Instructions and other paperwork.
The set box is in nice shape with the exception of masking tape on the lower left (see pic). Otherwise, the box is crisp and bright, and displays very nicely. These sets are hard to find with this level of completeness and light use. All track sections are complete with no broken pieces.
I will work with buyers of multiple items
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