Mint condition, complete & clean. (all parts and pieces) Ready to set up and run! Aurora AFX Model Motoring Riverside 500 set. No. 2201. All paper work, nice box with little shelf life. Comes with two extra russkit controllers and one extra transformer other than listed below. Comes from smoke free home. No oder. Set contains all parts listed here and two cars. Daytona Charger No. 1900 black/yellow magna traction it appears to be the one modified for a flamethrower body (see underside picture). no silver outline on #7. No cutson body. No cut wheel wells. Wing is solid and not glued. Javelin Trans AM No. 1764 #6. Solid body. no cuts, hood not re-glued. Wheel wells not cut. No broken window posts. Both cars are perfect, clean and ready to run. SET INCLUDES: 8 -guard rails; 2 -AF/X speed controls; 1 -wall pac DC; 5- spring clips; 4- screws with the terminal piece; 1- model motoring manual (aurora 1973); 1 - combination tool; 4 - 15 " straights; 8 - 9" curve 1/4 sections; 12- #2 posts; 12-#4 posts; and 5 - supports.
It does not have the racing oil vial nor pennants.
With this set you can make three layouts as described in instructions.
Thanks for looking. .
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