Aurora AFX Van 1970's Vintage ho slot car.

Aurora AFX Van 1970's Vintage ho slot car.

Had this on my ho layout from 1970's-1990. When the

layout was dismantled the Van was put in a box until now.

Since I am old (67+) and not likely to build another slot layout

I am selling this van. It is from the non-magnatraction era.

Condition: Pretty good. It was raced very little (study chassis #5 underside photo). The front tires

are replacements for the old front tires that cracked with age. The guide pin is metal.

The commutator brushes are slotted silver brushes. Front and back bumpers are very clean (see photos).

Wheel wells have NOT been trimmed out. The rear tires are the original sponge tires.

I tested the motor with a 9V battery and it runs OK.

This van has the popular orange body color and red-tinted windows.

I ship to 50 US states ONLY. No international ship, too much hassle and costly.

USPS parcel post $3 for shipping anywhere in 50 states (tracking # provided).

I accept Paypal only and honor Ebay's return policy.

Many thanks for viewing my Aurora AFX Van 1970's Vintage ho slot car.

Ken in San Diego.