From the MASTER TRACK BUILDERS at Toys4Boys&LittleGirls2 comes another of

"The Greatest HO Slot Car Tracks Ever"

By Aurora Model Motoring !

The winning bidder will receive this ALL Vintage Original Aurora 1960s Four Lane Raceway !

Featuring one of the LONGEST, FASTEST LAYOUTS you will find on eBay! T are NO SMALL CURVES ! In fact ALL of the outside curves are _12"_ radius 1/8 curves! Count them! T are a total of TWENTY! Yes TWENTY TWELVE INCH CURVES! The track is ALL Vintage ALL Black, All Original Aurora MoDeL MoToRiNG Lock & Joiner Track. After all, when was the last time you were at a REAL Race track and saw white dashed lines down the middle of the lanes? Right! T aren't any! So you have it! A Huge Long MONSTER Four lane that was built for one thing that all T Jet Race want, SPEED... SPEED... AND MORE SPEED! And to race this fabulous course we are incuding Four Vintage Orignal Aurora T Jet Runners sporting what was Aurora MoDeL MoToRiNGs Finest, Fastest and Best Handling Chassis... The TuffOnes! Yes all four cars are sporting Original Aurora TuffOnes Chassis for the Ultimate in Vintage Aurora Racing! So Belly Up Boys and Start Your Engines! The Big Long Four Lane Figure Eight Raceway is READY TO RACE!

Plus you get all the rest of the race track & accessories: Vintage Aurora
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