Aurora Tjet Hot Rod Roadster Project/Salvage Body w/ Chassis

U p for bid is the following:

The Hot Rod body has un-modified wheel wells, solid crack free rear mounting post, original exhaust pipes, good accent paint and very light play wear.

Draw backs are a cracked front post (screw holds tight), and its missing the roll bar, windshield and driver.

A good candidate for restoration.

It's mounted to a clean, lightly oiled, solid rivet chassis. This chassis has an unusual looking tricolored armature. It ohms high (21.5, 21.6, 21.6) which I would normally toss into a junk bin but it has red tips like a Tuff Ones arm so I gave it a go. I put on a temporary set of new soft tires and it runs remarkably fast.

The chassis has standard black magnets, pick ups with a short step and vintage wheels & tires.

Thanks for looking,