Aurora TJet International Wrecker TOW TRUCK Slot Car

Car: Aurora T Jet slot car International Wrecker Tow Truck

Condition: Great shape, but it was originally red and black, but it has been repainted a blue metallic with a black top and painted gray pipes. Even though it is not the original color, it still looks incredible and is a great display piece. It is a one of a kind custom job that will look great as a display. Car has no cracks, breaks, or anything wrong with it at all that I could see

Color: Dark blue metallic, was originally red with a black top.

Year Manufactured: 1964-72

Window Posts: PERFECT, no cracks, bends, or bows at all.

Wheel Wells: PERFECT, they have not been cut at all.

Screw Posts: Both posts are fine, neither of them is cracked, but they both have paint on them.

Motor: It runs well, but could probably use a good cleaning. The rims are four stud chrome rims. I tested it with a 9 volt battery.

Glass: No cracks or chips at all.

Bumpers: It does not have separate bumpers, just a front bumper that is painted gray.

Please see the photos to judge the condition for yourself. I try to list the items as accurately as possible, but I am not a collector of these items, I am just helping my mom sell what is left of the stuff that my dad collected.
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