Austin Nichols Wild Turkey Whiskey Decanter SeriesII #4

This is a 1982 Austin Nichols Wild Turkey Whiskey Decanter. From the Lore series II No. 4. Made of Limited Edition Porcelain, and a beautiful portrayal of a Turkey illustrating intimidation to predators. It stands about 11 inches high x 6.5 inches wide. It is in great condition, however t is a very small chip on one of his wings, but was touched up with matching paint, and hardly noticable. I am extremely observant, and I really had to look hard to see if my late grandfather was mistaken. This is from his collection, and he labeled the decanters for the grandchildren to sell. This decanter is empty, but the cork is intact. To refill simply remove the top of the log. This decanter is very well detailed, the turkey itself is a beautiful green with brown and white wings, his head is a gray-blue with red, and yellow beak. He is perched on a gray tree with bright orange and yellow flowers. With his wings spread wide opened. Against him is a Book titled "Wild Turkey Lore" its story states "Predators quickly learn that the Wild Turkey is an alert, fast, tough opponent. Its weapons are a sharp bill, powerful wings and spurs, and claws that clutch and gouge". This is a beautiful piece, and in great condition, even with the small chip- In the event you do not notice it in the pictures presented, and are curious about, please contact me and ... read more