Austin Ranger (Mini Moke style) Kit Car

Ranger" kit car - a Moke lookalike complete with soft-top hood, in excellent drivable order. The cooling system has been fully overhauled with a new radiator, it has a very sweet engine, the electrics have been "sorted" and I fitted a mini heater to make it usable in the winter as well as the summer. It's ready to drive away.
The Ranger is built around an Austin 1300 donor car - using the front & rear subframes and suspension, with a custom metal chassis and glass-fibre shell. It is set-up as a two-seater (has inertia reel front seat belts), but having done some research on this car, I see it was designed to have two back seats - which could be retro fitted. I have always been able to get spares and the car is a doddle to work on.
The car runs happily on unleaded fuel - it has a device fitted to make the fuel compatible with the engine - and either that or "lead memory" on the valves has meant that there has been no valve seat recession since I have owned the car these past 4 years. It's possible the cylinder head has had an unleaded conversion, but I don't know that as I've never taken the head off.
I bought the car from as a project 4 years ago and have basically sorted it out for proper road use since then, and had a lot of enjoyment with it.
The car, whilst not flawless is in a fully usable state and
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