Australia Welcomes the American Fleet Postcard, mailed inside envelope, 1908

Description : Full Color W. T. P. postcard with message on its reverse, mailed enclosed in an envelope, hence the lack of a postmark. The American Fleet arrived in Australia on August 20, 1908 and was given an outstanding welcome in Sydney. On the morning of Friday, August 21st, the official landing of the Admiral and his staff occurred at Farm Cove. A public reception was planned at the Domain where the Prime Minister, Mayor, and various state dignitaries greeted the American Fleet. On Monday 250,000 Australians mobbed Centennial Park to watch the review of the combined Royal Navy, American Navy, and commonwealth naval and military forces of New South Wales. With 12,000 men under arms it was the largest military review in Australia to date. On Saturday, 29 August, the fleet entered Melbourne. Melbourne was considered by sailors to be best port-of-call of the entire cruise. Sailors were cordially greeted by the citizens of Melbourne. Every window and roof was jammed and American sailors marched through six miles of madly cheering people.

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