Australian hat band, pugaree for slouch hat 6 5/8

AustralianHat Pugaree, 1943 or 1945 dated. Worn on the Slouch Hat with the Aussie rising sun.

This Australian band for the Slouch Hat was made in AUSTRALIA.

On the inside of the pugaree it has an ink stamp which clearly shows part of a wartime code, but it is illegible. The year date is clear except for the last number, which is either a 3 or a 5. T is a faint D/|/D stamp & the a broad arrow above the letters AF. T is a large stamp showing the size of 6 5/8". Stamped clearly. T is also a stamp, under the liner "MADE IN AUSTRALIA"

These pugarees were supplied with every slouch hat issued by the Australian Military Forces in World War II.
This puggaree is a tan-khaki
Condition is mint unissued.