NO RESERVE SO BID TO BUY! Measures approximately 1 1/8" in diameter. No ribbon. Heavy wear especially to the writing on the center reverse, most detail worn away. The suspension ring assembly is separately welded to the medal (t is a little ding in the rim visible from that). I assume it is as made originally, but might be a period repair. Remember that this is an early medal, predating almost every US medal that I can think of, and so these were produced and assembled by hand with the techniques of the era. Original and of the period, in my opinion. The medal shows on the obverse the crowned initials of both rulers, the Austrian medal "FJ" on the viewers left while the German medals had the "W" on the left. On the reverse the inscription in four lines :"UNSERN TAPFEREN KRIEGERN 1864" (our heroic fighters 1864) encircled by two laurel twigs which were bound on the bottom by a bow ribbon. Along the rim of the medal the words: "AUS EROBERTEM GESCHUETZ" (from captured guns) are embossed. Buyer pays fixed price of $2.00 for US shipping (includes delivery confirmation), $2.00 for shipping to Canada and $3.00 for shipping anyw else in the world (regular airmail). Special shipping arrangements made at cost. Insurance is additional and provided at the option of buyer (buyer assumes the risk of loss if no insurance). California buyer pays ... read more