Austria Hungary Order Medal Ribbon Sash

You bid on five Austria officer and knight ribbon 4th and 5th class ( 40mm wide ) on your choice. You can choose five of next ribbon:

Officer & Knight ribbons for next orders & medals: Military Maria Tsia order, Royal Hungarian order of St. Stephen, order of Leopold, order ofthe Iron Crown, Elizabeth order, Military Merit Cross, Military chaplains cross, Military Merit medal "Signum Laudis", Medal for Bravery, Cross of Merit, Tirol commemorative & merit medal 1796, Army Cross 1813-1814, Tirolian homage medal 1838, Tirol commemorative medal 1848, Tirol commemorative medal 1866, Tirol commemorative medal 1859-1909, Praque citizen Militia commemorative medal 1866, War medal 1873, Cruiser "Kaiserin Elizabeth" India cruise medal 1892-93, 40 years faithful service medal, Jubilee medal "Signum Memoriae" 1898, Court officials jubilee medal 1898, 1908 jubilee Cross, 1908 commemorative medal for foreign regiments, Bosnia-annexation medal, Cruiser "Kaiser Franz Joseph I" cruise medal 1910-12, Mobilization Cross 1912-13, Karl troop Cross, Iron Merit Cross 1916, Wounded medal "Laeso Militi", Fire service medal, Honor Decoration of the Red Cross, Horsekeeping medal ... and more

Ribbons are new one and one of the best on the market.

After years of dealing with and researching the issue we decided to promote
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