Austria Hungary Saint Stephen Order Knight Medal Award

Austria - Hungary Order of Saint Stephen

Wonderful reproduction Austro-Hungarian Knight order.

he Order of Saint Stephen of Hungary, the royal Hungarian order, founded in 1764 by the empress Maria Theresa of Austria, consisted of the grand master (the sovereign), 20 knights grand cross, 30 knights commanders and 50 knights. The badge is a green enamelled cross with gold borders, suspended from the Hungarian crown; the red enamelled medallion in the centre of the cross bears a white patriarchal cross issuing from a coroneted green mound; on either side of the cross are the letters M.T. in gold, and the whole is surrounded by a white fillet with the legend Publicum Meritorum Praemium. The ribbon is green with a crimson central stripe. The collar, only worn by the knights grand cross, is of gold, and consists of Hungarian crowns linked together alternately by the monograms of St Stephen, S.S., and the foundress, M.T.; the centre of the collar is formed by a flying lark encircled by the motto Stringit amore.- From the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica, "Knighthood" article Ref : Wikpedia.

These Chivalry Award medals are great to collect or even wear. See the many "Chivalry Order" awards in or store catagory Militaria.

The medal size is almost 4 inches high including ring. 1 side enamel.

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