Authentic Antique -Magician's Crystal Ball and Stand

This Crystal Ball and stand were purchased by me 30 years ago at an estate sale of a famous magician in upstate, Green County, New York, and has been part of my display collection for several years. It is in perfect condition, with no chips or scratches. It comes with the warning that it should not be displayed by the window because it can start a fire! (the old magnifying glass problem)

It was created by dropping molten glass from the top of a tall tower and having it solidify as it dropped and cooled. the ball has no bubbles or discoloration. It has a 5" diameter and weighs six pounds. This is the real-deal. (Imitation crystal balls are quartz or inexpensive, soft glass sanded and polished to be round.)

The matching stand is cut glass and is marked "058-24-5304." It stands 7 inches tall and the base is 4 x 3-1/2 inches. The stand weighs about a pounds.