Authentic Apache Craft San Carlos Burden Basket

Apache Fair Trade Cooperative, Inc

Weave r:Hyacinth Wilson: She is a San Carlos Apache Tribal member and resides on the Reservation.

My mother told me a story as she was weaving the Apache Burden basket. When you weave the bottom, it is molding childhood. The side is the teenage life blossoming, the top ring is adult life holding your life together, the wrapping of the top is old life wrapping up and the jingle is the harmony or melody of the life. Story by Hyacinth Wilson.

Materia l: The Apache burden basket is made of river willow, cottonwood, tin and buckskin. The river willow and cottonwood sticks are cut from fields and mountains around San Carlos Reservation. Each stick is hand trimmed. Tin plate is bought from a store and cut and shaped into cone. Sometimes people recycle the tin can. The buckskin sheet is also bought from store and cut into pieces to dress the basket.

Size : The circumference of this basket is 2.7 inches, the height is 2.5 inches and the total length is 6 inches including the jingles.

Culture : Apache Burden basket was used like a shopping cart of the present day. The Apache women carried all the goods in the baskets when they went out to the fields and mountains to gather berries, herbs, roots, fire kindling and other thing. It is also used at the Traditional
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