Authentic AVG Flying Tigers Leather Jacket Wings

You are bidding on an authentic set of wings of the AVG, original Flying Tigers, made to be applied to the breast of a leather flight jacket. When first found, these wings were still attached to a jacket, but the fellow who found it - in an outbuilding on some property he had bought - removed the wings and tossed the jacket as it was so badly deteriorated. I wish he had not done so, as the jacket may well have had a name that could have revealed the original owner - but so it goes with individuals who sometimes do not know the value of what they have. Anyway, t is no denying these as completely authentic and extremely rare. I have seen the numbered metal versions but this is the only leather made wings I know of. They are theater made and hand painted. As can be seen in the photo it does have some paint loss, but nothing major. It is rather delicate but is in overall good condition. It measures 3.75" wingtip to wingtip and is nearly 1.25" in heigth. It has been inserted into a Mylar pocket for protection. Don't miss this very rare piece. Fair Reserve. Good luck!

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