Authentic Castroville Texas Arrowhead COA Paper

is a beauty Castroville Texas Arrowhead. It is made from a Carmel Candy Gloss Flint. This needle tip arrowhead is 2 1/2 IN. Long and 1 1/2 IN. wide. Good deep ears on this one and in perfect shape. When you hold this one be careful the edges are still sharp. This is a beauty that well look Great in any Collection. This Point is very very THIN. This Arrowhead comes with a COA from Pecon Springs Archaeological Site. It was found in Kerr Co. Texas at this spot by Randall Brown. This is a beauty that you well be proud to Display. This one stands out in a frame. GOOD LUCK

Folks this Arrowhead may be a Bulverde point. please be aware of this I was told it was a Castroville now I am being told it is a Bulverde Arrowhead. Either way it a fine Arrowhead but I want you to know it may be a Bulverde point. THANK YOU