AUTHENTIC 8 Coins NO DUPLICATES Lot Set Collection Group SEE PICS Challenge Coin

This auction is for an AUTHENTIC 8 Coins NO DUPLICATES See all Pics Lot Set Collection Challenge Coin
I'm thinning out my Challenge Coin collection and need to get rid of most of my coins.
There will be no Second Chance Offers as this is the only one that I have.
I drastically reduce shipping with each auction you win within the same order!!!

Let me know if you have any questions.

This coin is 100% AUTHENTIC, it is NOT a reproduction or commemorative coin. Nor is it a Chinese knock-off done by an overstamp (the process of taking an authentic coin and stamping it wax to build a mold to make knock-offs. You can generally tell these coins by their lack of detail, shallow relief, poor epoxy and paint, and overall "something is not-quite-rightness") I have served in both the Army and Air Force, in the Pentagon for senior military leaders, at the Old Guard, the Army's Escort to the President, and for numerous units all over the world. I know coins, know what they mean both as professional mementos and collectibles. I'm not by any means the fore most authority, but I've owned literally thousands of coins in my collection, and will do what I can to provide you with the highest quality product and information. Best Regards!

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Thank you for your consideration