Authentic Old Confederate CSA Grave Marker Cast Iron

Old Confederate CSA Grave Marker Cast Iron

CSA Iron Cross of Honor Grave Marker

Here we have an OLD Confederate States of America Grave marker. This marker was not stolen, but was purchased from a 97 year old's estate who has no known heirs. No one knows who the soldier is that this marker originally belonged to or where his grave is. This marker was literally retrieved from (and saved) from a scrap dumpster by myself. It was then purchased by myself. With all respect for our forefathers, our country, the soldier who sacrificed all and the man who last was steward of this marker (who may or may not know where it originally came from), I am now the steward of it. I believe this should be made available for a family, museum or group who is in need of a missing marker or a collector who will hold it dear, thus honoring the soldier, his cause and sacrifice. It will be held by us respectfully until it finds its appropriate home. The known history of the marker will be recorded. This information will be sent to the next steward of this marker.

First group of photos were taken after marker was rinsed, it was wet. Last group of photos show marker when dry and is more representative.

Measures: 29" L x 14" W / Weight: 22 lbs.

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