Authentic Easter Island Moai Statue "Garden Tiki" "British Museum Replica

' Iorana ! Greetings my Rapa Nui friends. Without costing you hundreds of dollars, I have to offer you at this time a reproduction casting from my collection of Moai statues. This reproduction is cast out of a fiber reinforced, high strength polymer concrete. This one looks like the ones that are carved out of the native "Lava stone", and is allot less expensive. The original that this was cast from, was hand carved by an Easter Island native. I was able to aquire these particularly rare original on my last trip to the island.

Go to Google and type in "Hoa Hakananai'a", and go to the Wikipedia link... This is a reproduction of the Moai that now resides in the British Museum. This statue was removed from the island on November 7 1868... arrived in England aboard the H.M.S. Topaze in August of 1869... in the Rapa Nui language the name "Hoa Hakananai'a" means "stolen or hidden friend".

Contact me if you want more than one. The pictures show you a view of the front, side, and back. As you can see the back is carved with the traditional tribal makings. These markings are intended to be identical to the statue that resides in the British Museum. The native that carved this statue intended it to be a replica of the statue that is in the British Museum. This hand painted, 12 inch statue will look, and perform great indoors
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