Authentic FLYING TIGERS AVG WWII Pins/hat-badge/wings/

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The Flying Tigers - American Volunteer Group (A.V.G.)- Chinese Air Force - flew under the National Insignia of China in WWII. Group of USAAF, USN and USMC pilots recruited under a secret Presidential sanction by Claire Chennault, that formed a fighter group with three squadrons that trained in China and defended the Burma supply line to China prior to the American entry into World War II to fight against Japanese forces. The AVG did not see combat until December 20, 1941, thirteen days after Pearl Harbor.
Please Read All the Fine Details: My candid account of coming about these:
Acquired this set of four in 1994 from an older fellow I met in my former rural hometown and have had them tucked away since. The gentlement, whom I acquired these from had papers identifying these all as genuine. Most unfortunately, in a big move being transferred out of state from CA in 1995 and other moves since, I most unforunately, frustratingly, can not find the many papers the gent gave me relating to these. Stupidly, I stored them separately from the small plastic box housing the items presented From the sizing up of the ole guy, his info provided and very good shape despite their apparent look of age -also the screw on backings (rather than a typical clasp) of age securing the sun
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