AUTHENTIC~Gorham~Silver SilverPlate~1980 Annual Snowflake~Christmas Ornament

Gorham Annual Christmas Snowflake Ornament
Beautiful 1980 silverplate** ornament, in very good, damage-free condition. (But, please bear in mind that close-up photos, like those provided in this listing, will exaggerate minor imperfections. My photos are not cherry-picked - displaying this snowflake in only the most favorable light. My photos provide a true representation of how this snowfla ke actually looks in person - both front and back - so that if by any chance I have overlooked something that you know to watch out for, you will see it. ).
The 1980 snowflake is one of the hardest to find in the Gorham annual snowflake ornament series. The current selling price on the Replacements website for this 1980 snowflake is $209.95 without a box, and $219.95 with a box. I guarantee this to be the authentic Gorham 1980 annual snowflake. It is one of a personal collection of 19 Gorham silver/sterling silver snowflake ornaments, collected by one Owner, over three decades ( the snowflakes are dated from the 1970's to the 2000's ). I purchased this collection last year, from the Owner's estate - at a sale held in my neighborhood. She had not saved either the Gorham boxes or pouches, but the ornaments had been carefully/safely packed for storage. Each of the snowflakes in this collection
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