Authentic Indian Arrowhead Anvil Nutting Stone Artifact

About me / us: My wife and I are getting old ;-) and have decided to sell most of our neat stuff. We are not dealers and do not purchase items for resale. We have enjoyed these items immensely but the time has come to get back some of the dollars that we spent putting it all together while giving others the opportunity to procure the types of objects we found pleasure in keeping.

As for our Amerind artifact involvement : I have been around artifacts and much of the Midwest relic circles off and on for well over 35 years. The wife and I spent several years recreationally attending a variety of artifact related exhibitions in 8 states. We have also logged perhaps thousands of surface hunting miles. What we will be selling is not misrepresented modern pieces, beaten up junk and common stones that are assumed or touted to be of Amerind origin but items that have been accumulated with the use of discerning eyes, a reasonable amount of practiced / studied knowledge, much Amerind artifact exposure and a good deal of personal experience.

Misc. info: We do not need money bad enough to purposely misrepresent anything, use tricky wording to mask the condition of an item or otherwise entice you into bidding. Please read the description thoroughly and look at the pictures closely. Ask questions before bidding. We offer a 15-day
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