Authentic Indian arrowhead, Dalton "Pike Co" Rogers COA

RIGHT UP FRONT, I have to say that I am not an expert at identifying types of arrowheads. We are using the books that were part of my father's collection to attempt to identify these as best as we can. (Perino's and Bell's "Guide to the ID of Certain American Indian Projectile Points" No. 1-4.)

Dwain Rogers identified this as a Dalton "Pike Co.", white burlington chert with brown specks, length 3 7/16 inches by width 1 inch. Naturally, we will ship this with Mr. Rogers' certificate of authenticity. A very nice piece!

ABOUT THE JOHN FERGUSON COLLECTION: The authentic Indian arrowheads and Central American artifacts being sold in our auctions are ALL from my father's estate. My father, John H. Ferguson, was an avid lifelong collector and one of his larger collections was Indian arrowheads and other Native American artifacts. He was featured in the 1984 book, Who's Who in Indian Relics, No. 6 (see photo of one of his pages from the book). After visually and physically inspecting the entire collection of arrowheads, a former director of the AACA has assured us that the entire arrowhead collection and antiquities collection is authentic (with the exception of one piece that may have been "repaired," and a few pieces that he felt might be a reproduction - these pieces will be so noted in the descriptions, and you may
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