Authentic Junior Cobb Wood Carving. Nude woman. Folk Art Legend 17 1/4" Tall

This is a carving from my personal collection of Junior Cobb. If it weren't for my vacation getting here so fast, I wouldn't part with her. This is a signed and dated piece of art from one of the most well known folk artist in the United States. Jr's work is in the White House as well as the Smithsonian Museum. He was well know around where I live in Baxter County Arkansas. For more complete history on Junior, Google "Jr. Cobb, Arkansas" and you will find a wealth of information on him. Junior passed away not too long ago, but the stories about him still live on.

The woman is just over 17 inches tall. She is a full nude. She is looking up and has her hands in her hair. Rumor has it that many of his nudes were modeled after his wife. If this is true...she was in great shape! The bottom base has dry wood cracks, but they do not affect the balance or look of the artwork. I'm amazed how smooth her body is. Even if you're not a Cobb collector, you will fall in love with his primative, yet talented work.