Authentic Native American Dream Catchers

We are offering to bid authentic Dream Catchers , These are made by Native Americans and what is different about these Dream Catchers is that they are not made with glue, staples or tape or dipped and painted dyed feathers , these are made with wood and vines, sinew and Deer muscle and are original and real right down to the Bear Claw and Skull, t are no buffalo painted on a suede back and string that is tied in knots to form a straight and perfect web, no baying wolves at the Moon or beads made in Taiwan. They are real and take up to a week to have made and shipped to you. No two will ever be alike. Tell us you are disappointed in the product and without question we will accept the return of the item and offer up to you a complete refund less the shipping and handling.

Please NOTE, with our apologies, We will not ship to Canada until further notice

WE have sold these to Customers on E-Bay and are not shy about sharing the praise we have recieved. Please E-Mail us and we will share those praises with you.

T is no need to wait for the end of Auction, E-Mail us with your order and go to Paypal to make your payment, Its that simple

I would like to say in advance, on behalf of those that will most certainly benefit from this gift, due largely from you, allowing us to sell to you, Thank You