Rare Authentic Ninja Assination Weapon ANTIQUE ENJOY!!!

Made in Japan
This is by far my most precious item, again I am clouded with much regret to sell this item. However I have a responsibility to my customers and all you bidders here on EBAY!
I came across this Ancient Antique Ninja Assassination weapon a few weeks ago. I have seen a few of these but none in working condition. However I was greatly surprised to find that this is more than just an ornament, its much more.
Just a bit of history before i get into the fun. Ninjas generally worked in stealth, using weapons of illusion and distraction. Their goal was generally assassination and always willing to sacrifice themselves for their mission. Anyhow this item is a bit of an evolution from your standard hand throwing shuriken. Here we have a spring loaded chamber, possibly imitating one of the first Gun Like weapons of early Japan. This item looks of Early Meiji, most of it is Shinchu, except for the spring and the inner iron barrel. Also the top half of the Shuruiken is Iron, bottom half is wood (and it flies).
I have tried this out a few times on soft targets such as cardboard, pillows and each time it tears. Ninjas never signed their weapons as their duty to secrecy, thats what makes this type of item so difficult to research, nobody really knows. However, this item was NOT made for beauty or too look nice,
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