Authentic Pink Ma Nee NaGa / NaGa Gem LP WaChaRa

Power Pink Ma Nee NaGa (0.5 cm) / LP WaChaRa (PAMJE06)
Include Katha (Magic Spell) in MP3 File Wat Tham Fad is one of well-known temple in Thailand and in other countries because is the original of LekLai historical. Temple was established by Luang Pho Samrit who passed away since February 4 , 1996 at the age of 73 years. His successor is Luang Pho Watchara who used to be Luang Pho Samrit's assistant and was accepted by all monks and people to be abbot of Wat Tham Fad.

Luang Pho WaChaRa of Wat Tum Fad, Kanchanaburi province was a close disciple of LP SumRit who had been one of the great gurus in Thailand .

LP WaChaRa is well-known and popular for his knowledge in Visha (supernatural arts). Every day, many people got meet LP WaChaRa. They really need for his help as exorcise .

Regarding to Pink Na Ga story, this power Blue Ma Nee Na Ga is from King Na Ga who has supernatural power of Visha (Magic) and very strong in protection. King Na Ga is believed by Thais and Neighbors that is the God of Water and the God of protection.

LP WaChaRa said that the Pink Na Ga is suitable for soft people or woman because it's charming for opposite sex. It's support the splendor, good luck, famous, honor and wealthy or another called 'Metta' Especially sweet pink color will more support owner charming to be look
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