Authentic Planters Peanut Counter Jar Lid. 1920s-30s 7" Diameter. Ex+ Condition

Offered here is an Authentic Planters Peanut Advertising Counter Jar Lid from the 1920's-30's. This listing is for a LID ONLY . These lids are getting harder and harder to find, especially in this shape. The lid is 7" in diameter with the outer diameter of the inner ring (part that goes inside the jar) at 5.625". This lid fits 6 of the Planters Peanut jars that were made with a 7" outer diameter opening in the 20's and 30's. There is also an embossed version of this lid which at least one author states originally came on the Hexagon jar with the fired on yellow graphics. You can verify this by looking in the Planters Peanut Collectibles 1906-1961 Book by Jan Lindenberger and Joyce Spontak. I have also read that the embossed lid was used to replace many of the original non-embossed lids that were broken over time. This non-embossed version is in Excellent Plus Condition for a 80+ year old piece especially considering the nature of its use. No cracks (including hairlines), No chips, No flea Bites, and No roughness on any edges.There is a light line on the top side that starts below the raised area for the peanut finial and extends not quite to the edge of the lid which I determined was created at the time of manufacture after examination with my illuminated jeweler's loupe. You can view it in the last picture. This is minor and not ... read more