Authentic Roman Bronze Large Pendent, 100AD. NR.

Authentic Roman Bronze Large Pendent, 100AD. NR.
Descrip tion:

In this auction we have a great roman bronze large pendent carved female bust 100AD.

This authentic and well preserved piece was acquired from an antique dealer at the beckaa valley at the town of makner in 2005 and it depicts a well preserved roman bronze large pendent with the carvings of female bust nobility on a grape leaf.

Excellent artifact well preserved and will be selling in our auction with no reserve, good luck with this bargain.

Physical: 7.2cm (2.6inches), 190g (6.7oz).

Material: Bronze.

Color: Greenish.

Origin: Beckaa Valley.

Dating: 100AD.

Appraised value: $1200.

Good Luck with this magnificent bargain.

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