Authentic Vtg Goebel Hummel #2./0 Little Fiddler Figurine TMK1+2 Ex Con No Res

Goebel Hummel #2./0 Little Fiddler

History of Goebel Hummel Collectibles

Goebel Hummel figurines are well-known collectibles, and a favorite among collectors worldwide. the earthenware figures, painted in warm colors, commonly feature children engaged in a variety of innocent, childish pleasures. The W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik, or porcelain factory was started in 1879 in Oeslau (Rodental) Germany. In 1934, the company's managing Director, Franz Goebel started looking for figurine designs that captured the sweetness and innocence of childhood.

Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel was born Berta Hummel. At the age of 18, she attended the Academy of Applied Arts in Munich, Germany. Upon graduation in 1931, Berta Hummel entered the Franciscan Convent of Siessan, taking the name of Maria Innocentia. She was given the opportunity to design postcards featuring children which were included in art books. This is where Franz Goebel first saw her work and approached her with the proposition of turning her drawings into three-dimensional figurines.

In 1934, the first 3 clay models were produced and shown to Hummel. She agreed that her images could be used as designs for figurines, on the condition that she had final approval on each piece and that each piece bear her signiture. Goebel Hummel handcrafted and hand painted figurines
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