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These select Northwest Coast Authentic Originals Hand Created and Painted are from a private collection now available for you below cost for a quick sale .

I know all of the artists personally and was privileged and honored to have sat and watched them work. It is time to let someone else enjoy these beautiful Acrylic paintings from a sought after artist. They make a Great Investment for smart collectors or just give a gift to someone you love.

c l i c k h e r e t o c h e c k o u t m o r e COOL COLLECTIBLES

Copper Shields

Copper was the ultimate symbol of wealth among the Haida and is associated with Copper Woman of Haida myth. Throughout the coast, shields made of copper were exchanged at ever higher values between chiefs at potlatch feasts. Among the Kwakwaka'wakw (or Kwakiutl) to the south of Haida Gwaii, coppers were particularly associated with the distribution of wealth at wedding feasts. The Haida used coppers as a marker and symbol of wealth, and some wealthy chiefs owned a dozen or more.

Git Hayetsk in Sm’algyax (Tsimshian, Nisga’a and Gitxsan language) means “people of the copper shield”. The copper shield is the most prestigious ceremonial object in Northwest Coast Native culture. It symbolizes wealth, power, prestige, strength and peace and could
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