Two (2) Auto Manuals - Chrysler Turbine Car - by Engineering Dept. - 1963-64

Seller's tip: Comedian Jay Leno owns one of only two (2) Chrysler Turbine cars outside of a museum. One wonders if even he has these booklets. There are only three (3) of the first booklet listed for sale on the used book market and they ship from Germany. There is only one (1) copy for sale of the second booklet. These were purchased at an estate auction in Neapolis, Ohio, outside of Toledo.

1. The Chrysler Corporation Turbine Car / Engineering Staff - Technical Information Section / Dated April 5, 1963 / Softcover / 41 pages.

"With the introduction of its turbine-powered car, Chrysler Corporation reaches a milestone in automobile design. The appearance of turbine cars on the public roads signifies an important point - possibly a turning point - in automobile evolution...This publication presents the styling and engineering features of the Chrysler Corporation Turbine Car and a description of the first automotive gas turbine engine to be put into limited production and made available to the man-on-the-street." - excerpt from the Introduction.

Sample contents: Power Plant / Engine / Multifuel Capability / Central Hydraulic System / Operating Information / Exterior Styling / Interior Styling / Suspension / Steering / Drive Line, Wheels, Brakes / Safety and Convenience Features / General Features and Standard Equipment
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