Autographed Barclay James Harvest drumsticks from 1978

Set of used Mel Pritchard drumsticks autographed by four members of Barclay James Harvest.
I obtained these drumsticks from a fan who won them in a competition for members of the Barclay James Harvest fan club in April 1978.
They are a pair of Mameloks C specials used by Mel Pritchard, drummer with Barclay James Harvest. They are autographed by the four members of Barclay James Harvest but the autographs are indistinct to say the least! (Writing on a curved glossy surface with a ball point pen probably wasn't a good idea)
One stick has signatures from Woolly Wolstenholme and Mel Pritchard the other has John Lees and Les Holroyd (although you would be hard pressed to recognise those two).
The sticks are obviously well used and one has a chip missing from the handle end. Nevertheless a wonderful piece of memorabilia.
I will post to destinations outside Europe but shipping will be more