Autographed Photo of NEIL ARMSTRONG Apollo 11 100% REAL


Up for bid is a 100% authentic Autograph of the First Man to walk on the Moon; Neil Armstrong! I am sure you will all recall July 20, 1969 when Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong uttered those immortal words..."That's One Small Step for a Man.....One GIANT LEAP for Mankind..."

This item is truly the pinnacle of any Space Collectors "Wish List". Why? Because Neil Armstrong has always kept a very humble and low profile since returning from that famous Lunar Mission. Neil rarely if ever signs autographs. HOW, you may ask did I get my hands on this rare photo? I happened to personally meet Commander Neil Armstrong at San Francisco Airport. We were taking the same flight from SFO to San Diego. (SEE PHOTO) You can also take comfort in the authenticity of this Photo through my 100% Buyer Satisfaction!!

Upon recognizing Commander Armstrong I courteously approached him and asked to shake his hand. He was very respecful shook my hand. He then agreed to allow his wife Janet to take a photo of the two of us.

WHY may you ask am I parting with this shot? Because Neil was kind enough to personalize the photo of the two of us at SFO shown in this auction. A fellow collector knew his address and I sent the photo of the 2 of us with the hope he would sign it. About 9 months later I got the photo back!! UNREAL
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