Autographed/ signed BON JOVI fullsize pinball machine

Signed Pinball Machine

I acquired this machine in Las Vegas in 1996 from a friend who worked for a gaming company. BON JOVI was in town filming their video for "Somday I'll be Saturday night" and had this company supply some props for the dinner they were in. After they finished filming he asked them to sign it for him, so they did. Check out the video on their website you can actually see them playing it for a few seconds near the end. This is the ultimate additon to any BON JOVI fans collection. It has been in my house ever since. The machine is a "Cleopatra" and was made in the late 70's. Its a great working machine and will give you hours of fun and a great converation piece. It is the buyers responsability to arrange shipping, I will do what I can to help...I will even deliver it to any local shipping company within a reasonable distance. Please email with any questions you may have.