Automaton French Musical Reproduction “Bebe Nid”

This item is being re-listed due to an error on my part with reserve price ...Please take a look again at this wonderful automaton: is a beautiful reproduction of a French Musical Automaton, originally done by the Paris firms of Lambert and Roullet et Decamps in the 1890’s. The automaton is of a young girl holding her fruits and flowers in one hand, and with her other she opens the egg to show a bird nesting inside among the flowers and fruits. When the key is wound, she plays a lovely tune and turns her head from side to side as she raises her bouquet of cloth flowers and fruits to show those watching, and then raises her other hand to show the surprise hidden inside her egg. The paper mache “egg” is wrapped with velvet ribbons and decorated with bows and flowers; the egg appears to be supported by the velvet ribbon around her neck, but is actually attached (as the originals were done) to a metal rod, which protrudes from her torso. Also please note as the originals were done, in the palm of each bisque hand is a small wire loop to which the flowers/fruits and the ribbon to the egg are attached to appear as if the doll is actually holding them. The dolls head is a reproduction of a closed mouth Tete Jumeau, by a noted doll artist (she was actually a great find as a regular doll, and was reintroduced into life as an automaton) her ... read more