Here's a piece of Automotive Industry history that you rarely see. The AUTOMOTIVE NEWS ALMANAC for 1957 & 1958 - TWO issues. This was the "insider" newspaper (magazine) of the Industry. Published by Slocum Publishing Co, Detroit, MI. Measures 15.5 by 11, 274 pages. Four-color cover and back and mostly two-color (red/black, blue/black, orange/black) inside. The amazing ALMANAC covers the automotive year in review, who's who, trends, designs, facts, figures, reference material on makes, models, production, sales, and nearly everything pertaining to the industry - and auto related information you wouldn't even think of (NASCAR Performance Trials 2/3/57, Octane Ratings, State Registrations, Sales prices, volumes, Exports, Milestones).

These publications came directly from the GM plant in Grand Rapids (stamped 4/29/57 or circulation to management). Contains numerous automotive ads and promotional information from all US manufacturers and suppliers (B2B & commercial sales ads). Also highlights pictures/biographies of the "top talent" employees of the time. Truly incredible pieces to read and study. The ads alone are priceless since you just don't see them around and in this size.

The ALMANACS are used. They were read and passed around at the plant, stored flat and are now available. Covers show some wear and there
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